Monday, December 27, 2010


My most recent art class was with Patricia Seggebruch on Encaustics.  According to Patricia's book, "Encaustic Workshop" the ancient beginnings are traced back to Trojan ships which were sealed with pigmented wax, as a means to waterproof, decorate, and personalize. This exciting medium allows me to experment with my oils and  pastels in a way that brings me great pleasure. My first exposure to encaustics was in Santa Fe and Toas, NM several years ago. Since then, I have searched for an instructor. I was excited to finally hook up with the encaustics "Pro", Patricia Seggebruch in NC in November's "Art of the Carolinas". The look of and feel of painting in and on a waxed surface is awsome. Each layer of the painting is fused with hot wax to seal in the underpaintings until the desired effect is completed.

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