Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Entry" ( encaustic)

"Entry" , 8x10",  is a good example of  "wax doing it's own thing". I use oil paints to create the images and colors after priming the board with beeswax mixed with damar.  I love giving up the control and patiently waiting to see what will happen within the layers of wax. Mixing oil paints with wax is sensitive because the linseed oil will keep the wax from hardening. You must dry out the oil on a paper towel to drain out the oil over night before using it on the wax. I have done encaustics on paper and canvas,  but prefer using it on a cradle board for security.  I will continue to learn and practice this wonderful process. This is at "The Little Gallery", Smith Mountain Lake. Priced at $90.

"Red Rock Canyon" (encaustic)

"Red Rock Canyon" is a good example of how the Southwestern landscape does influence how I express myself in my artwork. I have fun watching the wax flow and then painting on the wax once it cools. I am leaning towards abstraction of realistic images in my imagination. I have lots of photos but most images that show up in my art work are in my head, rather than photos.

"Copper Canyon" (encaustic)

With "Copper Canyon", I wanted to see what it would look like to layer in some pieces of copper in what looked like a canyon. The wax again does it's thing and I try and make something of it. This painting sold at the "The Little Gallery", Smith Mountain Lake.

"Arches" ( encaustic)

"Arches" National Park in Utah is one of our favorite places to hike and watch our daughter and son-in- law rock climb. Actually the wax on this painting went it's own way and created this beautiful design that reminded me of the place we love. "The Little Gallery" at Smith Mountain Lake has this painting on a 12x12" cradle board  priced at $120.

"Passion" (encaustic)

"Passion", 16x20",  was one of my first encaustics. My method of encaustics is a little different from some of the other artists,  in that I sometimes mix in some oil paint  to create color between the wax layers. I leave some oil paint on a paper towel overnight to allow the oils to seep out before using them with wax. I always use proper ventilation and practice safety with temperatures.  I also enjoy the traditional  colored encaustic wax. This framed cradle board is $215.